V3 motion detecting

My V3 is detecting movement at a distance ( over 30 ft, but not closer. Nothing I have done helps. Is my cam shot ?

The v3pan does not know distance from camera, it only knows amount of pixel change. A large object at a distance and a small object at a close distance are the same if they have the same amount of pixel changes.
Can you post a video clip of this happening?

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Also, what firmware are your v3 cameras on? Mine are working fine but I am still on

Edit: I just noticed this is about a Pan v3. A manual flash back to older Pan v3 firmware might still be a option to try.

Shortly after the clip below ended I walked into the scene an waved my arms in front of the camera about 4 ft in front of it. The camera did not pick me up. I tried this multiple times to no avail . I have the sensitivity set up to about 90.

What are your detection settings?

Detection settings;
Motion - Low 24
Detection zone OFF
Sound low 12

Have you tried setting Motion Detection higher at least temporarily as a test? I have mine set at 90 and my v3 cameras records motion close and far away. Also my v3 cameras are still on firmware

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Yes, That didn’t help. Just purchased a replacement…Thanks…Tom

I have Cam Basic for a number of my cameras. If I remember correctly, Cam Basic has a “cool down period” of a minute or two between recordings. Cam Plus (I think) does not. Don’t know if that helps or not.

5 minutes. Same for Cam Plus Lite. No cooldown for Cam Plus.

Do you have Sound Recording enabled in the Event Recording section? Also, that is a 12s recording. Is that cam on Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?

I tried everything that was suggested here to no avail. I believe it has failed mechanically.

My new V3 arrived yesterday. I set it up “Placement and settings” exactly like the one that did not trigger close up. The new one works perfectly so I put the old one in the box and in my closet. Probably won’t ever use it again but may have a special use for it someday…Thanks,Tom

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