V3 image not as good as V2 during daytime

I installed a V3 camera next to a V2 Black behind the glass of a window. Both at the same angle facing south. During the day the image quality of the V2 is perfect but the V3 sucks. At night the V3 image is amazing. Has anyone else noticed this? Or do I have a defective camera?

The top is the V3, middle is V2 and bottom is Outdoor camera located on 1st floor with no glass in front. Notice all but the top images are crisp.
I can see the white reflection of the V3 on the glass but can’t believe that’s all it would take to mess up the sensor…

I bet the reflections of the camera in the glass play a part in this. The v2 does not show in reflection because it is black, like you mentioned. Can you blackout the v3 camera Or mount it outside so that there isn’t any reflections in view? When viewing in group mode like that, the resolution is lowered. If you pull the camera up by itself, does it still look like that?

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The glass is an enormous hindrance. To judge daylight image quality one should really place them side by side outside. Is it right up against the glass? It doesn’t look like it…

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