V3 feature removed?

When I first installed my V3 cams we could talk through them using my fireTv remote. When the cam pic opened on the screen there was a microphone icon on the screen and all you had to do was push the button and talk through the remote. I think it was two updates ago that feature went away. Please bring that feature back it. It still works using my phone app but it was one of the main reasons I bought more of them so my wife who is in a hospital bed could talk to me no matter where I was outside in our yard.

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Might need to put this on the wishlist and vote for it.

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Good idea. I just sent it there, Apparently the wishlist needs approval first.

Also you need to go back and vote for your own wish after it’s approved!


I don’t think they removed this feature intentionally. If that were the case, Wyze would have announced the impending removal.

The most likely explanation is that Wyze has no regression testing. Someone somehow checked in a software fix for another issue and it broke this one.

I’m guessing, a bug report has a higher priority than a wishlist item.

Could be.
Remember as far as the customer goes we are regression testing!
Wyze seems to do a “two steps forward, one step back” software evolution.

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