Automatically add vote of OP of a wishlist to list

It seems that whoever designed the wishlist didn’t think that the originator of a wishlist item would vote for it.
It seems MANY people don’t vote for what they propose.
And then someone, often a maven, has to tell them to vote for their idea
Start the voting at 1 and assume they thought it was a good idea.

Great idea @gemniii! Just got my vote.

Note: Please Don’t Forget to Vote for Your Own Post!

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Couldn’t vote for my post before it was authorized, another minor problem with the system.


Just a humorous comment. I agree with your idea. Once the post is approved the OP’s vote should be automatic.


I’ll vot for that! :slightly_smiling_face:

One could argue that sometimes people might want to float an idea under discussion that they themselves DON’T agree with, to gauge community opinion.

But I wouldn’t do that. :wink: