Wishlist up-vote levels and/or down voting

I’ve mentioned this before (and searched on vote ranking) but could you give us different rankings of votes?
There are probably 50 things I’ve voted on, many are nice to have (Temperature in date and timestamp for example), some are I would like that greatly (Add same camera to multiple groups) and a few are “Where can I send more money NOW!” (Samba/RTSP).

Are you asking for a system where, rather than vote yes or no, each user could rank each #wishlist topic on a scale of say 1 to 5?

Something, (I was thinking of 3 rankings) and maybe if possible some system to limit votes so a user could only vote a certain number of times, otherwise everybody could just hand out the highest ranking.
A lot of users have no familiarity with the difficulty and complexity of software development.
There has got to be a better way.

Honestly I like the system how it is. They have a wishlist that although sometimes has some duplicates it has what the community wants. Then if they like the idea it gets added to the roadmap with a designation of somewhat timeline. I dont think the ranks and votes always dictate the features. They do help but sometimes the limitations can get in the way either with hardware or software. So they pick and choose. But I wouldnt say the system they have in place is by any means broken.

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Wishlist topics allow voting in favor only. Please consider adding the provision of voting against an option. This is not to generate controversy but to gauge a broader and more complete user response. If a topic had 50 votes in favor and 150 against, Wyze developers would have a deeper understanding of users’ interests.

Downvotes would muddy the waters more for us. It turns into people downvoting everything but what they want to see first to try to set the priority. If people don’t want to see a feature, it will not get many votes and we see that as a sign. We don’t need downvotes to see a lack of popularity. :slight_smile: