V3 Error Code 07

Now I keep getting an Error Code 07, failed to fetch the video from cloud on one of my V3 cameras. I have tried to get the video later as the error suggests but most of the time it still doesn’t get it. Anyone else having this issue?

Do a hard re boot of that camera and sign out and back in on your device

I’ve already done that. I’m not a noob to these cameras and I do all those things first. But it is ridiculous that we even have to do that because if you were away on vacation, your cameras would be useless since you couldn’t do a hard reboot. And this actually has happened to me.

That’s why all of our camera’s and customers camera’s our service technicians have installed a wifi plug on all of them and works great since some places are very remote and 4-6 hrs away

What does a WiFi plug do?

The wifi plug so we can remotely power cycle the camera from anywhere…simple/sweet

Resist - have you tried swapping cameras to see if the problem stays with the camera or stays with the location?

Do you have a link to the WiFi plug you use?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Gosund Wifi Smart Plug 4 Pack Amazon Alexa Compatible, $33.00 there on ebay,Amazon…like I said we have them on all of our cameras