Error Code 1003 Authentication Failed

I have 2 v3 cameras. One camera located about 200 miles away at another property uses a hotspot for internet access and the other, my home Wi-Fi. I lost feed from both cameras last night. I have tried force stopping and restarting the app. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no success. I have tried to restart the cameras and to view playback. But app response is “camera not connected”. I have received “Error Code 1003 Authentication Failed”. Can someone help?

You will need to re boot each camera,if you have wifi plugs then you could do it remotely, each of our cameras are we set wifi plugs

OK, I’ll try with the one here at home, I can physically reboot and I do not have wifi plugs. I will advise whether successful or not. Thanks for your quick reply

Yes, your solution worked for my camera at home - the other is 200 miles away. I do see a need for a wifi plug.

Well we have them on all of cameras, we use gosund