V3 Delayed notifications

My notifications come 30+ seconds late and I’m wondering if this is normal. Currently have 2 cams experiencing the same issue. I’m on the “lite” plan so unsure if this is a result of that?

I do recall getting instant notifications in January when I first got the cams, but it’s since deteriorated without changing any settings.

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Is it Normal? In my experience that is fast. I have had notifications delayed by up to 5 minutes before.

Worse yet, I have recently learned there is a programming limitation that causes me to NOT get notifications for a confirmed AI event.

I think the Wyze user base grew faster than their AI Server Bot did and it is now drinking thru a fire hose.

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I noticed that some smartphones have notification delays, I just switched to a new Pixel 6 Pro and the notifications are faster than on my OnePlus 7t Pro with same SIM being swapped between the two phones.

Try a different smartphone or tablet

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True, Could be my low priority discount mobile provider being limited to the slow lane.

I’m having 30 minute delays and it has nothing to do with carrier. These are push notifications to an app. They’re just plain not being pushed in real-time. Which makes these cameras useless for me.


nothing to do with cell service or wifi its wyze cause all my other wifi cameras work fine

Lots of speculation but no real answers. I may have to leave the Wyze infrastructure if no actual solutions are on the horizon.

Hey y’all, this issue is being discussed across multiple different thread topics.

Here are the 2 latest updates from Wyze: