V3 Camera reset itself back to "Ready to connect" mode

I owned my camera for 6 months and it is placed indoors. Now the camera reset itself back to “ready connect” mode. After I set it back up it works for awhile and goes back to ready to connect on it’s own. Is the camera broken?

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@WontonK did you solve this problem?
I also have few cam v3.
One of it (indoors) also reset itself back to factory default settings to “Ready to connect” mode.
It happened 2 times with about a week between incidents.

Omg! I’m glad I am not the only one that is having this “ready to connect” reset issue! I tried a few solutions that were recommended like removing the reset rubber cover and updating my phone app. After spending 8 hours with customer service in going back and forth. They finally sent me a new replacement device and told me to recycle the broke one. A few days later my other 2 cameras V3 are doing the same thing! (I bought 4 Wyze V3 at the same time). Again, I contacted Wyze customer support and they gave me generic responses in fixing it. So right now, I have 2 broken cameras less than a year old with no real solution from Wyze support.

Same result here - they sent me a new replacement device and told me to recycle the broken one.
I bought 2 cameras at the same time. The second one is still working…

Last night my v3 started the same issue out of the blue and now I can’t connect to it anymore. I have it for 6 months too!

Hey guys! I managed to make it work back again.

I formatted the sd card and then putted the RTSP file on it. I plugged it in while pressing the reset button, after that I was able to connect and it’s working normally for now. If you format the sd card after that the problem appears again.