V3 camera just starting beeping

Have a listen and see if anyone can identify what causes this please?

Started this morning after updating to new FW yesterday. It’s strange as the beeping continues for about 10 secs even after pulling the power. It sounds like a feedback loop but its definitely not that.

Certainly sounds like a feedback loop to me. Can you hear it at the camera as well or just in the recordings? Assume you’ve tried turning off the microphone on your phone to see if the sound stops?

I am not convinced the sound is being caused by the camera because it starts louder then fades to a lower volume. If it was the camera the sound wouldn’t appear to be moving or grow fainter. It would stay the same and be consistent and it is not.

WildBill - Yes I tried turning off the mic, still the same. as I said it’s definitely not a feedback loop. I can hear it in Events, Live and playback, as well as the camera itself. The cam is mounted at my bedroom window and I opened it to check it was actually coming from the cam.

carverofchoice - As above, it is definitely coming from the cam.

Thanks. Interesting. can you try plugging it in somewhere else for a minute, and maybe with a different adapter? I read online that with other cameras sometimes a beeping like this can be related to the power in some way. It’s worth a try depending on how it is mounted.

You can also try resetting it to factory settings and setting it back up and see if that resolves it.

I will try your suggestions next time the issue arises.

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Have you tried moving the camera? It could still be feedback since the camera is close to a hard surface, i.e. the window.

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You might also put a piece of black electrical tape over the mic hole to reduce the wind noise. Won’t hurt the mic’s ability to pick up sounds, and it won’t eliminate all the wind noise (wind comes in thru the vents too), but it will help some. :slight_smile:

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