V3 camera "Activation Date" 10 months before I even bought it?

10 days ago, I bought two new V3 cams from the Wyze Store.

On 4/16 I set those cameras up and added them to my account. For one of those, in Device Info, it shows the “Activation Date” as 4/16/2024, But for the other one, in Device Info, that camera shows the “Activation Date” is 6/10/2023, which is over 10 months before I even bought it.

Did Wyze sell me a refurbished camera that someone else already setup 10 months ago, as a new camera? Does my 1-year warranty for this camera now run out in two months because 10 months have already been used up by someone else before I even bought it?

My Wyze app is Android version V2.50.2 (442), and both cameras had firmware updates immediately after setup, and are now on version, which is a little behind the latest version.