V3 Cam - Try not to be Sooooo Sensitive?

Since the last update(s) ?

My Wyze cam (V3) now has rabbit ears.

You could drop a fork on the 2 flr of my home and get a cam “Sound detected alert”, on the 1st. flr cam.

In the past, I’ve dealt with older men n youth on motorcycles, noisy tractor trailers, souped up cars n motor bikes n emergency services vehicles, sound alerts.

Since those noises / alerts are all a given, for living on a secondary Rd to the airport (20 mi away).

Inturn, I have set my cam’s sound detection to level 1. This worked until recently.

Now any creak or bump in the day or night sets it off.

This particular cam monitors my vehicles, thus some sort of sound detection is needed.

How do I limit this, without turning the “Sound detection” feature, off ?


#wishlist: Really tiny earmuffs for the cam? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All kidding aside, the sound detection sensitivity is the only setting available. However, if a firmware update caused this hyper sensitivity, there may be a settings mismatch between what the App says, what the cam is on, and what the server has saved.

First steps would be to force a sync between all three of these:

  • Clear Cache
  • Sign Out
  • Close App
  • Force close from OS
  • Restart phone
  • Power cycle cam
  • Wait…
  • Open app
  • Sign in
  • Verify settings
  • Test

In addition to what @SlabSlayer recommended, I would try changing the sound detection level to a higher level save the setting by backing out of the menu option, then go back in and set it back to 1 or whatever you would like.

Sometimes, during an update, settings are set and the toggles do not reflect what they actually are. I have seen this in the past, but not so much now-a-days.


Oh Boy !

Thx !

Well, if I must .

The shorten email version mentioned, setting it higher n then closing app.

I hope that works, before attempting your very helpful, detailed solution.

Thx again !