V3 cam recording in black and white

My V3 cam usually records in color, but on two occasions, had been recording in black and white. The first time, it was still daylight and the second time was late evening. Why is it recording in black and white?

Also, it seems recently that when an event is detected by my cam, there is a much longer period of time that a notification is sent to my phone… like ten minutes. Is there someway to fix this?

Is the night vision set to “on” instead of “auto” or “off”? How bright was the scene that the camera was looking at?

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My Ring does this often. I never paid full attention to any of my Wyze clips.

Seems to have a relationship to adjusting to the current lighting situation. Typically already in night vision then turning it off, though sometimes the other way

Just now, at 1 pm in the afternoon, I turned the night vision on and the camera is monitoring in black and white. I recorded for about 12 seconds which had no bearing on forcing the camera to return to color. Since the first time this had happened, it occurred during the day, I can only conclude that the camera is not very good. It use to record in color both day and night and just doesn’t do that anymore.