V3 cam is useless

So I was doing some 3D printing and thought I would like to monitor my print from the living room 20 Ft away. After many attempts I was finally able to get it setup. At this point the camera my router and my S7 tablet were <5 feet from one another. It worked for about 1 minute then I get a message to update the Wyze software to another version. So I updated the software and tried many more time to connect but no luck. I tried powering down the camera, the router my tablet but alas no luck no connection,
Now I remember why its been so long since I TRIED to use it last :frowning:

All my cams are connecting now but it seems that every now and then a random camera fails to connect, but if I leave it alone, it comes back normal after a while. This happened in the past, too, but it seems more prevalent now.

It seems the new firmware is much more sensitive to network instability.

Also there’s a lot more events that fail to upload to the server.