V3 cam 32 GB microSD usage stability

I did get a reply from Wyze that asked me to update the firmware, but the link they sent me to shows this:

I’ve asked…will share the news when I get it.

They did email me the flash update. Checking now -

I received both V3 warranty replacements. I setup one V3 cam, updated FW to (Beta??). Installed the 32GB Sandisk microSD after PC full formatting. Will observe behavior of the microSD.

Still waiting for v3 replacement or new firmware because micro card not working.

Both V3s are operating with 32GB cards normally. I will wait till the cards are full and starts to overwrite the video files, will probably take a couple of days more.

The V3 with microSD 32GB had multiple issues till the FW Apparently this FW made the V3 with 32GB microSD more stable.