Installing Micro SD card into Wyze Cam V3

Don’t laugh please, but I received my 2 Wyze Cam V3’s and I bought a SanDisk 128GB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter to install. I’m older and my eyesight isnt the best but the Micro SD only fits in one way, but when I do put it into the Camera and go to Manage MicroSD card in the app it says “No MicoSD card found”.

Any ideas?

I did the same thing, then I read that the V3 only supports 32gb.

Anything above 32 GB.,… ymmv … it seems to work for some people, maybe with some brands of cards, and they need to be formatted on a PC first I think with an extended FAT32 format. Best bet is to use a 32 GB card, which actually holds a lot of video if it is set for motion detect only

Officially, Wyze cams only support up to 32gb cards.

Unofficially, Most work out of the box on the V2 which confused a lot of folks when those exact same cards wouldnt work in the V3.

They need to be formatted to FAT32 for the V3 to read them. Which is not something you can do in Windows without a bit of help.

Two things we’ve found that work.
Put the camera in a V2 and go into settings and format it. (Doesnt work with all cards)

Or use this program to format the cards:


I could not move SD from V2 to V3 without reformatting on PC first.

You have to format it in the V2 first (in camera settings in the app) and the camera cant format certain cards (not sure if size/type, didnt dig that deep) so the best way is to format on PC with a program that will format a larger card to FAT32

I have 5 new v3 cams. Purchased 5 new 32GB sd cards. Formatted al to FAT32. Installed in cams. Restarted cams. None of the 5 cams even recognize that it has an sd card. Processed all steps multiple times and same problem. I’m guessing it may be a firmware problem? Hope Wyze can help.