V3 automatic 14 day enrollment

When I setup v3 it automatically enrolls me in 14 day trial. How do I pause that to be able to start the 14 day at my convenience?


I was thinking the same thing. I bought several V3’s and just wanted to the trial on one camera, to see if I’d like it. Come on Wyze, throw us a bone.

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My first wyze camera and wanted to figure out how to set it up. Want to see how it functions over several days. Probably be several days before I am even ready to play with it. So all in all my 14 days might be up before I’m even ready to see how it works for me.

Complained about the same thing myself. However, as it stands, you currently only get a fixed 14 days. This renews with any new cams, but put priority into testing it as soon as you can on nights & weekends on any cam you can.

The 14 day trial doesn’t start until you power up the camera.

You can also always spend a whole dollar fifty and have a extra month of trying it out. No but really just don’t turn them on until ready to use the free service, I really don’t see them adding in a pause for the service.

Don’t care about pause. I just wanted it to START when I was ready, not when I first powered it up.

How do I know if PD is actually working? Does it tell me anything specific? I get motion events, just want to know if PD works.

You can tell CamPlus is working because you will have event clips longer than 12 seconds.

Quite honestly the best test for person detection is to walk in front of the camera and see if it notices you.

I have event filters - person on (along with motion and sound). I only get 12 second motion events every 5 minutes.

I’ve had PD call a bird a person, so it’s not perfect.

Used up my whole 14 day trial an didn’t get one person detect. :slightly_frowning_face:
Walked in my yard once during the trial period, too! :laughing:

So basically it really doesn’t work?


It probably works but don’t have any people traffic in my back yard. Just the occasional UFO :alien:

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Its not 100%

It told me a car was a person today, and the grill in the back yard, but it also recognized fedex, ups, the post office, the neighbor walking their dog, and myself as people.

If you are only getting 12 second clips every five minutes camplus is not turned on for that camera.
Go to settings/services/camplus and make sure its listed. If it is already listed, remove it. Save (and leave the page) then go back in and readd it.

If you only have the legacy person detection. Same as above but with “person detection (pilot)” instead of camplus

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Don’t see it under Services, but I do see an activate your campus subscription. Is my 14 day trial still ticking in the background or will it start when I get past the activate thing?

Your the one who asked about a pause. Lol

Yes, so is it paused? Or just running to zero while I’m not using it? Inquiring minds want to know…

Time to bring this thread back on-topic.

The trial period is not unlike any other trial period you would receive for a smartphone app or a PC program with a free trial period (I remember subscribing to cable television in a new city and was given a two-week trial of all channels.). The vast majority of these will grant the user premium access for a limited amount of time to entice you to upgrade. It is generally understood that it is in the developer’s interest to set limitations for technically “giving away” premium service.

Now, you could always delete and re-pair the camera which, in my experience, would reset the timer, but that was using a V2 camera. Your mileage may vary.

This reminds me, a few months after my trial period my wife had changed our router name, or wifi name and we had a new 14 day free trial start up. But also that same day spectrum had came and gave us a new router. Anyway one of those 2 things made us have a whole new 14 day trial on our pan cams. But it was such a total pain being any time you change the router or wifi name you have to restart each individual camera. This was a pain being some of our 8 cameras are not easy to get to.