V2 will not read QR Code (Yes I have read the posts)

v2 Will not read QR Code still… I have read the trouble shooting steps elsewhere in forum but with no success…
Lens and screen are both clean…
I’ve tried several times

@Ranger_Jim Have you seen this post?

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Just tried but that’s not the issue here…Thanks for trying…

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That’s the pits. :smirk: Do you have a different device you can try?

Never had the screen sliding down issue, and haven’t read every QR code tip, but just in case, here’s what made my life a lot easier:

Do the QR code scanning in the same room as the WiFi router and make the room absolutely as dark as possible. Make sure the device running the app is connected to the correct 2.4 Ghz Wifi and if it’s an active phone, turn off cellular data to be sure. Then hold one thing in each hand, perfectly level and facing each other, and slowly move them together and apart until it connects. Once the cam connects and does any needed firmware updates, and you can see through it, then unplug it and move it to where you want it.

Until I started this ritual, it was very annoying to connect cams, and it usually worked reliably on only one tablet, now it works quickly on just about any device I have handy.

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Thanks… I’ll try anything at this point…