Android app will not read qr code

I have 2.4gh wifi active… I have 6 v2 camera about 3 or 4 years old and am trying to set them up with new android app. could not get app to read qr code on any of them…

I bought 4 new cameras and am having the same problem with them…

I now have 10 v2 cameras none of which can I get to activate on the app.

I have 4 wyze plugs that i have successfully set up and they work fine.

why is the app not reading the qr code on the cameras ??

The android app should not be reading the qr code, the code shows on the screen and you place it in front of the camera and the cam reads it. Make sure that the entire code is showing on the screen and that part of it isnt cut off.

These cameras are very easy to set up. Just press the + in the upper left of the app, choose Add Device and follow the instructions on your screen.

It’s unlikely that your V2 cameras are 3-4 years old. I don’t think they’ve been around for three years yet. My oldedt one is just over two years old.

I believe the Early Access for V2 was in Feb 2018

Like above… the camera reads the QR code that is on the phone screen, not the phone reading the small qr code on the camera.

This video is old, and the app has changed, but the physical setup button on the camera and then the camera reading the phone is still a current process. The thumbnail shows the way to do it.