V2 recording stream but not detecting any motion (beta)

My other v2 in beta works mostly ok. I have cam plus on both. All the settings are enabled
Any ideas?

Are you saying there’s nothing in the events tab?


A little clarification… The camera is recording stream … where? Not detecting motion…again where? Are we talking cloud or SD Card?

Check if you have any filters enabled, try clearing them. Also try clearing your app cache in account > app settings.

Hi. I did that. I removed myself from the beta program in the app store but I just got a firmware update for the beta program which I don’t want as its causing the inability to use the v2 camera. I’ve factory reset my camera a couple times and erased the cache several times. However it looks like I’m still in the beta program in your system. Can you please remove me manually from the beta system? Thank you.

If you want to remove yourself from the beta program you must go through account > about > beta program. You will then install the production app through the app store.