No motion sensing since last update

Did an update (beta) last night and have no motion since. I did see the motion zone area has been updated and I set new motion zones (can now set multiple areas) but still no motion sensing.
Checked all settings and it should be recording.
Update at 6:37 pm and no motion recorded since.

When you say update, are you referring to the Wyze app or the cam’s firmware or both? What are the exact versions of each? What model of camera(s) are you referring to, a V2 or something else? I’m on the iOS side of things (iPadOS actually) but I may be having similar problems (no motion detection on any of my six V2s since the latest beta f/w update .207, my outdoor cam detects motion just fine). Was actually planning to ask for assistance over in the Beta category later today.

This happened right after the 207 firmware update. Just noticed that I am getting motion notifications but seems to be sending every 2 minutes - motion or not. I guess they are working on it.
Not sure about the V2 cameras. I’m referring to my pan cams.

Thanks for the additional details. I’ll post about my problems later today over in the Beta category. My problem (no motion detection, alert clips or notifications) on my V2 cams also started after the .207 beta firmware. Had been working flawlessly for years. Very odd, esp. since others over in the Beta category haven’t reported this. More troubleshooting ahead for me I’m afraid.