V2 outdoor cameras recording issues

Hello everyone,
I just recently purchased V2 outdoor camera security system and ive been having nothing but ISSUES. My dilemma started right out of the box (literally) When trying to connect the home base, the base did not communicate at all, The light on the box stayed yellow… called customer support and we deemed it as a faulty home base unit.

Fast forward 2 days ago when i got the new home base unit. I went thru the entire set up and everything seemed to work correctly for that night. The following day I noticed that it would not record a person,vehicles or pets but did record every time my car cover was blowing due to the wind. I messed around with the perimeter, adjust sensitivity settings.

Today, my brother in law came to my house and parked in my driveway. I did not get any notification or recording. Only reason why I notice anything was do to me going live on the camera. His car just suddenly popped upon the camera view.

I have the update done to the unit, I have messed with setting sensitivity and notifications and still nothing.

Help before I grab a hammer

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Sorry your having issues, sounds like it could be an issue with placement.

The outdoor (battery) cameras use a PIR sensor to detect motion in order to conserve battery. That means the motion must be on the bottom half of the screen, and ideally it would not be coming straight towards the camera. It has trouble detecting motion head on, so if that’s the case try moving it so the car drives parallel to the cam.

Thanks for the reply. I hope thats what it is. But I spoke to the techs at wyze and they informed me that something is going on with their systems and that they are working on a fix. I will try it out tomorrow, if not the system gets set back to Amazon.

There was an AWS outage earlier today, but it’s since resolved so everything should still work.

At what time was it resolved? I called them at 7pm eastern standard time and thats what they told me :slightly_frowning_face:

As you can see here that there is no recording as well as how my bil vehicle just appear when going to live feed

I’ve had issues with V2 cams not recording or notifying events on a regular basis. I have both a doorbell and a V2 about 12 feet apart at my front door, with the V2 at a 90 deg. angle. Many times neither catches an event. No network issues, I have a server monitor running that hasn’t lost connections during those times and and indoor pan cam that captures walking in the door.
The “straw” was neither cam catching an Amazon delivery of two boxes. I pulled the V2 and replaced it with another brand PTZ outdoor camera. That seemed to reduce the missed events by the doorbell though it’s missed a couple the PTZ caught on Cloudedge. I’ve had similar “miss” issues in a second location where Cloudedge captures the events.
It seems there’s some sort of server communication issue with either V2s or the hub. I have a few Wyze indoor pan cams in two locations that have been virtually flawless. If everything else worked that well, I’d have nothing but Wyze hardware.

Its like a hit or miss with wyze. Today before going to work i went up to the camera and waved right in front of it. And guess what?? No recording of me doing so.