v2 firmware released to Beta!

Same for me. v2 picture is very blurry compared to v1. I am using v2 firmwire very disappointed because I bought v2 for its claimed better images… sigh…

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my goodness, i need to do the same for all my 7 v2 wyzecams then… this is crazy…

Thanks for the help! yes, if you see it again with SD card inserted, please send me (tyuan@wyzecam.com) a footage of 20-30 seconds. Then we can see why it happens. (some other customers reported too)

Update to .42 caused painfully slow speed. No change to internet speed. 30 minutes ago before update everything worked awesome. Now not good. Can I downgrade to the previous version?


also… noticed that when i am finally able to connect on the app i noticed that in the upper left hand corner where it says data/sec that it goes from 39/s to 25/s to 15/s to 0/s pretty consistently. What is going on? Help!

I have two suggestions for the beta app. I believe they would be helpful in the testing process. The addition of a WIFI/LTE indicator on the camera screen and the addition of a Force Stop button in the My Account area.

I have attached two screen prints.

Thank you.

Installed, the color has improved for me.

After flashing it, the SD card was no longer detected. Was not able to format it. I put the card in my PC and it instantly asked to format the card (indicating the filesystem was damaged) and now the camera can see and record to the SD card again.

I tested all my v2 cams yesterday (7 total). Only 3 out of 7 have no issues. 4 have issues:

  • 2 are totally out of focus (1 is worse than the other)
  • 1 has streak on the glass, making flare and glare
  • 1 has the base which cannot be rotated smoothly (something is blocking the movement inside)
Also upgrading firmware does not fix the blurry picture issue.

The focus and base issue are hardware related. F/W update can’t change result for it. I emailed you for replacement follow up. Thanks for reporting the issues and sorry!

There is at least one other report of a card being moved to a PC and the SD format not being recognized (asked to format).



I have seen similar behavior in Window when using USB sticks that report more capacity than they really have.


So if you have any more problems with that micro SD card you may want to verify its correct operation with something like h2testw

Wyze Cam v2 — Firmware — Software 1.3.107; Android 6.0.1

App resizes live stream image when you start app. Must use ‘Force Stop’ in Setting to close app to provide temporary fix to problem.

See attached

Thanks for reporting it! Yes, we realized the layout/resizing issue in V1.3.107. We are fixing it and will update our beta app this week. Thanks!

Android OS has the ‘big’ button and then you can swipe to force kill a process. That is more universal. Would that fit your need? Thanks!

If they are mis-focused we will do replacement. I think our CS team is already contacting you about this. We are checking our firmware and manufacturing process to see where the issue is. One question, if you toggle between SD and HD setting, do you see the blurriness changed or the same? Thanks!

Can you check if the behavior show up the same under HD and SD setting? And, please contact support@wyzecam.com for a replacement for your ‘no focus’ unit.

The blurriness is not related to SD vs HD, because I tested in on a static “scene” and let the live stream buffering “settled in”. Then I use the “take a photo” and compare the picture of a good v2 and bad v2 and can see big differences.

Nevertheless, I confirmed SD vs HD is the same as well.

Update, we found an issue related to this. Working on a fix…

I opened and checked all 13 V2 ordered and received. 8 are sharp. 4 are a bit out of focus. 1 is very out of focus. Jason from support have initiated a replacement of that out of focus one. Looks like the manufacturer needs to have some procedure to ensure camera focus is not off.

The picture is showing 6 cameras being tested :slight_smile:

May I suggest a very simple way to check for and QA blurry images for your cameras? You can create several complicated scenes and set them up at various distance to the camera. And have the camera take a picture. Assuming the picture is of jpg-type of lossy compressed format, if the picture is blurry the compression will be higher and therefore the jpg file size will be smaller. What you want is each camera produce a picture of a very large jpg file size.

This is a very simple and effectively way to QA your camera for sharpness (or lack of it) issue.

This method has been used in some digital camera to do “Best Shot Selection”, in which the camera will pick the largest jpg file from a burst of jpg captures as the “best” (or the sharpest).

Thanks for the suggestion! In our factory, we do check every lens in our manufacturing step. We are going to check every step to see where it was missed. Then we will follow up with improvement steps.

Got it. Thanks for confirming it!