V1 beta firmware released -

V1 firmware v3.9.3.62 released to beta. There was a new issue we found since v3.9.3.56. We fixed it and would like to push this to public in next few days.


Changes include:

  • Fixed a networking issue which causes camera stuck at flashing yellow/blue state


Suggested test areas:

  • Anything connection related
  • Network failure case (router power off, no internet connection, WiFi password change)


Known issues:

  • Some customers experiencing choppy video streaming when viewing from LTE (same behavior as f/w v3.9.3.56)


Yes it is v1 update only. v2 units are not affected



Please see this thread to report issues with v3.9.3.62:



Just got a new router, with the new firmware, the voice that says ready to connect so lagged its choppy, after finally readying qr code, 150secs goes by and times out, took 5 tries to get one up, my pan took 3, other v1 took about 7