V2 fails update

I have 4 cams. 2 are Pan cams, 2 are v2’s. No problem with rtheupdate for the pan cams. No problem for 1 of the v2’s. I have been trying for several days and the second V2 always fails. Tried rebooting the cam, clearing the cache. This cam is 4 feet from the wireless access point, and has been operating just fine. It’s too old for a warranty rellacement, in fact both V2’s are the same age. Before I go out and climb a ladder to bring it down, does anyone have another idea? it’s currently running

Never mind. When I pulled the power instead of rebooting from the app, it recovered and completed the update, even though the app said the upgrade had failed. It is now running on 144

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Most peculiar. Same issue here, with 2 V2 cams trying to update to One of them failed upgrade several times. ALSO, stopped adding event video to 32Gb SSD, also would not reformat SSD, also would not review event history on SSD.

Reverted to, downgrade OK, reformat OK, event history OK.