V2 failed to Connect, No Playback

No Detection today when an event I knew it had happened.

Went to check Playback as it was set to continuos. No recording at all.
hard to get connection to camera too. always btimed out

Wyze should know these are the basis fir a functioning camera. Should not obsolete them
this way.

App is .35
firm is .5.111

I can format sd card. but app kept reporting no connection

now device disappeared when starting Wyze App like last week?

ticket 53976

cqn anyone access their sd card? android

if I click on Continuos

I just checked all my 128GB cards and no ones is under 4GB. I am also on continuous recording.

I was trying to test if sd card problem and formatted it.

It is Wyze App that disabled sd card recording.
You cannot even turn on/off the recording option.

just failed option.

If you don’t have enough space on the card, I don’t think you could be able to do something with it. Format it in a computer. After, format it in the cam to see what happens.

will try tomorrow.
too tire to deal with Wyze.

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Trying to get live view is almost impossible.

Since the time I’ve been reading you, with all your problems, you should try your cameras at a friend’s house to see if that’ll fix a few. Everything is fine here with my 8v2, 3 pans et 2 Eufy2K. Good luck.

Here is the scope…

I took out sd card, reformat with Win 7 to exFat.
plug it back in.

Live View is connecting. Took a few seconds but bearable.
Wyze is not going to Liveview ie. user cannot get to setting. as the setting gear icon only shows up after enter liveview.

Yes, Playback is working now.
Wonder why Wyze SD card management crop out without proper error messages.

so, if you have live, play back issue like me.
check sd card. but the big question is when it is full again, will Wyze v2 crop out again.

thx gyzmo for the help.

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It would surprise me if she would do the same. There was a bug somewhere, maybe during an update. After a firmware update, I got into the habit of reformatting all my cards inside the app. There have also been very rare occasions when I no longer have access to the card, I remove it and format it on the computer. I put it back and everything works again.

I think your practice is good but users with high mounting will not climb up ladders each time.

Wyze should write in codes to protect sd cards or at least minimize issues. Error codes to alert users will be good start.

I format with the Wyze application. The other issue happened only 2-3 times since more than a year.

I was watching the App after click liveview.

during connection, it will display
“getting video data”

I presume if App cannot access sd card, you do not get camera connection.

I had been looking at wifi, server issue rather it was App cannot access sd card.

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I’ve been having similar issues for the past month. Some days are worse then others. At first I thought it was my network but after doing tons of packet loss testing and even buying a new router and new access point I can safely say it’s not my network.

I contacted wyze a few times on this without any answer.

My SD card doesn’t seem to have problems, but getting the camera stream to start in the first place is a toss up.

I find that restarting the app a dozen times sometimes temporarily fixes it. Logging in and out of the app works too. Factory resetting the devices usually fixes it for 1-10 minutes.

I’d recommend downloading the SD industry card formatter. It was developed and certified by the manufacturers and has resolved several issues for me over the last couple years. I do a lot with RadpberryPi development and a couple times a year something will result in a corrupt (according to windows) but their formatter seems to correct all issues!!

I tried pulling the SD card out of mine and factory resetting the device, but I still have loads of connection issues that I didn’t have a month ago.

Anyone know what sort of upload these devices use? Thats the only thing left that I can think of that might be a bottle neck. Aside from that I might have to dump the wyze cams for something that works (no problems with my nest doorbell cam)