V2 factor reset issue

I have a camera that worked just fine for a day. I unplugged it and moved it plugged it back in it would not connect. It will not reset it clicks when I plug it in one time. They light is yellow I press the button to reset it and it does not reset it will not allow for ghe camera to be reset to the router. I would like to know if the usb plugs in the back would allow for any assistance if I plug into a computer anyone have any thoughts

This is going to sound weird to you but I have found that when my cameras/sensors are acting strange and I have exhausted my troubleshooting options that turning off my phone (powering it down) then back on has cured the problem … It seems software related as it applies to the server/phone connections

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Definitely try a different power supply and cable. If it’s new, return it.

It’s also that your not technically resetting the camera. You moved it and it failed and at times it won’t work like that.

Remove card and follow these steps exactly.