V2 entry sensor removal triggers alarm if armed

Currently when a v2 sensor is removed from the wyze sense hub by pressing and holding the pair button, nothing happens. There is no notification, no alarm, or trigger whatsoever. Its not easy to do, but if someone was able to reach a entry sensor and unpair it they could then open said sensor without triggering an alarm. Wyze does not offer glass break, so if i broke a window and unpaired the sensor i could open the window without triggering the alarm at all. My suggestion would be when a sensor is unpaired a notification can be selected to be sent, and if the alarm is armed with home monitoring you can choose for it to trigger the alarm count down sequence or cause an immediate alarm.

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You could use a motion sensor in addition to the contact sensor, at least until Wyze gives us glass break monitoring.

Thank you! That is very true and would repel most threats. Technically the motion sensor is susceptible to this as well(unpairing removes from system without triggering an alarm), albeit significantly more difficult if mounted at the right height(possibly done with a coat hanger? Not sure but will probably test). With my current setup I feel my home is secure, with how the motion detectors are setup. I just feel that this renders the entry sensor useless at the press of a button, and i purchased all of mine with the intent of them being useful.