V2 camera not recording events

I have 3 v2 cameras and 2 pan and tilt cams. the 2 pan and tilt cams are working fine with recording events and sending notifications.

All 3 v2 cameras aren’t doing anything.


do not use an SD card
Have factory reset them
Tweaked detection zone settings on and off
Tweaked sensitivity settings
Tweaked what to record i.e. sound or no sound motion or no motion

firmware for pan cameras is (working fine)
firmware for v2 cameras is (nothing being recorded)

I reached out to support under ticket 511301 but i am unsure of using a 3rd party app to just send my wifi data all willy nilly

Anyone else resolved this???

Are you referring to the 12-second recordings on the “Events” tab?

And if you do have a Support ticket (as you specified), I would think Wyze Support should have responded.

I just purchased the Pan Cam from AMZN and have the same problem. Upgraded to firmware as part of the install on an IOS device. Not using an SD card and it’s not recording any events to the cloud. This is the second device on my account (other one is on a different network at different address). Any guidance is appreciated.