V2 Cam SD card full no longer records events locally?

I have 13 v2 cams

They are all set to record events only locally. The SD card in 4 or more of them has finally filled up and the cameras with full SD cards have stopped recording events locally and only send it to the cloud now. Why aren’t the cameras overwriting the old files once the card is full? I cannot seem to find any info on this anywhere.

Did the cards go bad? Are they high endurance cards? I had a card stop filling up and wouldn’t write over old stuff, turned out it went bad. Couldn’t format it on the computer or anything. I have since changed to high endurance cards, which are made for lots of write overwrite cycles, such as security cameras do. Have you tried the bad cards in the computer? Can they be formatted in the camera or computer?


There should be no “filled up” on a SD card. Wyze automatically will overwrite the oldest footage when the card runs out of space. They should only send events to the cloud, and those events will be duplicated on the SD card. I agree with Tony, we need more info to point you to a solution.

I just checked the only V2 I have left online (V3s are phenomenal at night!), and it is still recording to the SD card as it has without any intervention from me as it has been for the past 2 years.

Critical information needed - Brand, model, capacity, Not all SD cards are up to Wyze needs.

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No. All 13 cameras have samsung pro endurance cards installed in them (64gb) and the footage saved up until they filled up is still accessible. Also, all 13 cameras and their installed cards were purchased and installed at the same time (august 2020). The Samsung pro cards installed are made for video recording and rated for 43000+ hours.

The cameras that dont have full cards are still saving the motion or sound events locally and the cloud. The cameras with the full cards are only saving to the cloud now.

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Yes, I have found stated in the Wyze information that when the SD card is for “continuous record” the oldest footage is constantly overwritten. However, there is no information I could find when the SD card is in the “record events only” mode (which is the mode I am using) on what happens when the card fills up. Right now in my case it seems that it just stops recording locally.

x13 Samsung pro endurance 64gb. Purchased august 2020.

Also, thank all of you for your help so far.

It’s the same for both continuous and motion events only to card (local storage), The oldest footage will be overwritten.


Those cards probably should work if they are formatted in FAT 32,
But Wyze may or may not fully support them,
As stated by Wyze:
"Wyze Cam v3 has the same 32GB limit as both Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan. "https://wyzelabs.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051119591-Is-Wyze-Cam-v3-compatible-with-larger-SD-cards-

Thanks for the reply. That’s a hard to find tid-bit.
BTW Got a wyze 3, amazing starlight night vision!

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