V2 Cam Offline ...again

Ok so this camera constantly goes offline. I know the basement wall gives the wifi shorter signal past that but i did buy an extender and hardwired nkt running wifi from the little wyze box. Ive unplugged, unplugged, power cycled, reset and everything short of throwing it. It gets to step 3 the fails each time. Im wondering if I roll back and update if it might work. Im not saying thats what the issue is but maybe? I realized i hadnt looked at it “live” in a few days so that was my fault. The last notification i got was at 3:20pm yesterday.

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Since you listed android I suggest you go back to app 2.47 if you are using 2.48 and see if that fixes your issue.

Welp i looked…I’m

not on either and since its offline i cant see if there is an update

Apparently it got cold enough it not only messed with the camera but the solar panel. It warmed back up today and it came back online. However now the panel I’m thinking is toast as no charge is coming from it.

Sorry, “I know nothing” about using the Solar Panel.