V2 Cam not recording

I have 3 of the v2 Camera’s. All with 32Gb Memory cards. One of them should have recorded an intruder. When I selected that Camera, then “View Playback”, there were a few earlier Green Spots indicating recording occurred. But Very large (at least 98%) with No recording or even a 12 second Event. Since I tried to look, the recording is good and 100%. It is like it was asleep and blinked a few times before I looked. Example I was interested in 11:30 - 11:45AM range. I’m doing this at 2:00PM the only recording that existed was 7:39AM and since my checking at 2PM.
The First time I actually needed to see a recording for an Intruder, it did not exist :disappointed:.
4 days before, I did update the Firmware to and also restarted the cameras.
The other two Camera’s seem to have recordings several Days old and all OK.
Suggestions? Recommendations?

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Welcome to the forum, David!

Cut to the chase:

Many users set Playback to Continuous to avoid potential anomalies like this.

The long and winding road:

Sounds like you have Local recording to micro SD Card set to Events Only.

What is your Motion Detection Sensitivity setting?

The 12-sec cloud Events operate off of that setting, while the SD Playback Events are fixed at maximum sensitivity, so Playback should capture things cloud Events might miss (because of a lower setting.)

Do you have a Detection Zone set?

Etc, etc, etc…

I’m stopping short, cuz I’d rather have a root canal than do this exhaustively and have one of the real experts here come along and post the full story in an instant like it’s boilerplate. :roll_eyes: :slight_smile:

They do this stuff in their sleep, my friend. (Imagine sleeping next to them!) :wink: