V2 Cam Accidentally Trips Nearby non-Wyze Motion Floodlight

I moved my older V2 cam, which has worked fine for years, adjacent to my non-Wyze motion detection flood lights. That night the flood lights kept tripping on but there was no motion. Also, if I viewed that V2 on my phone it would trip off the flood lights. I tried different settings including turning down the motion detection to 10% and then turning off Night Vision IR Lights. No help.

When I unplugged the V2 all the silliness went away. I then moved the cam about 3 feet away from the floodlights, plugged it back in, and the problem is gone.

So why is the floodlight motion detector being accidentally tripped (at night) when the V2 is so close to it? Thx,

Most likely the IR illuminators on the V2 are faking out the motion detection on the floodlight. As a simple test, turn off the IR illuminators on the V2 and see if the problem goes away.