V2 50% firmware update fail.

The last 2 firmware updates for the V2 camera have had a high fail rate when updateing the firmware.

I never once had a problem with any update before.

Hopfuly this will not be a regular occurrence in future firmware.

My cameras are mounted high so when I have to reflash I have to use a ladder and it’s a pain.

Mine didn’t fail, but it did do what happens more often than not:

  1. Open up app, select camera
  2. Says there is a firmware upgrade, I tell it to go for it
  3. Takes me to a screen that says what firmware I have and what is available, I hit YEP
  4. It downloads the firmware, looks like it is working, gets to 100% on the progress bar, then presents me with the same screen in step 3, I hit YEP again
  5. It downloads the firmware again, but this time completes
Basically it seems to take two cycles through to get it to "take." Not sure what the deal is, but at least I don't have to reflash - that sucks. Sorry, man.


I often also have the same thing often happen when I have to hit update for a 2nd time.

Its only they last 2 firmwares on the V2 that the cameras are getting completely bricked. (Yellow light)

last firmware bricked 3 of 5 cameras and messed up a 4th so I had to reflash it anyway.

This new one bricked 2 of 5.