Firmware update failure

I am trying to get my new cameras set up. First two, no problem at all. Third camera (WYZE Cam V2) will not update the firmware. Made 2 attempts and they failed, rebooted camera, tried again, Failed. Powered down the camera, tried again, FAILED.
Any advice?

Problem corrected itself. Case closed.

how are knowing it has failed? are you just getting the pop up saying the update has failed?

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Yes. It will run like it is updating then pops up and says firmware update failure. Then it tells me there is a firmware update available

I guess the camera just needed to sit over night. Ran update again and it took. Don’t know what the problem was but it is fixed now.

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Probably network hiccups. Maybe your connections were routed thru China and timed out :grin:

Some how that wouldn’t surprise me.

Sometimes when I update it says update failed but then it actually goes through if you look at the firmware info. It’s an odd glitch.

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