Firmware update bricked my V2

I keep getting these annoying pop ups that my V2’s need an firmware upgrade, so I decide to upgrade them from to All went well until one of them did not come up and kept showing it was off line. I took a look at it and the orange(?) led in the back just stayed lit. Even after pressing the reset button and taking out the SD card it would still do nothing. Where did I go wrong ? The V2 was in a daisy chain pair and the V2 before it had its firmware updated and I suspect it cut the power in the middle of upgrading the firmware on the 2nd V2. Tell me, am I screwed ? Anything I can do ?

Update: I found the “How-to-flash-firmware-manually” page and was able to bring it back alive following the instructions. Cool!


Glad you were able to get your camera working again!:+1: