V2.10.74 causing lag on playback?

with 25 cameras I’m noticing a major lag of opening up events on any camera. Its almost like pulling teeth.

Hmm… That’s odd. I have normal event playback on Android 10. I noticed you posted on beta but this update is now available for everyone. Not sure if this will help but one guy didn’t have any playback and he did this…

Will investigate. Thanks.

This update has solved all my lag issues with live view, playback, and events. I had issues for many months and now it seems to be working like I imagined it should. OnePlus 7Pro Android 10.

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I thought I had a lot at 22…I use different test apps plus the production app and I haven’t noticed any slowdown. It a lot of events though!
I’m on IOS and running a fast Eero Mesh wifi. What device and WiFi setup are you using?

Mesh on their own 19 Camv2 and 6 PTZ in various spots. I foster mom cats some of my locations make a few scratch their heads. I have 2 PTZ units under my house should a kitten sneek in. 3 under my wooden deck and a many more for feeding areas, heated sleeping surfaces, water bowls, a few for security on perimeter and 1 mounted at the very top of my roof I use a great outdoor casing on all but the 1 on the work is be the best. I also have 20 Arlo at my disposal as now only using 5.

Just got 2 more v2 Tuesday. Choices, choices.

That sounds like quite a load for your wifi and your internet connection. You don’t say what type and speed of internet connection you have but that could be a factor. The events are cloud based so they do need net access. With the Arlo units, I don’t know what load they put on the system. Also not familiar with the acronym. ’PTZ’ so that’s an unknown for me.
I would try a restart of wifi as a first step, then maybe remove temporarily some of the other units and see what effect that has.
Also see what type of Internet connection you have. I am on a gigabyte fiber optic so I have very fast Internet,. That will be a factor in event load.

“PTZ” is pan tilt zoom. The Wyze pancam is actually only a pan and tilt, as it does not zoom. The app zooms in in the picture, not the camera itself

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I know-I have 5. But in the time I’ve been doing this I’ve never heard them referred to as”PTZ”. Other things less flattering, yes. But not that. Learn something new every day!

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Outside of the Wyze PanCam world, pretty much all cams that pan and tilt, also zoom … so if one is stuck only in the Wyze camp [and not knowledgeable about security cams in general], “PTZ” would be an unknown acronym.

Then the PanCam is a PTZ : )

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Next year will be my 20 years of being in the security/loss prevention/surveillance fields, so PTZ is one of my most words ever in my life. Lol

Fyi, someone asked about the camera fixed to my roof. I set 6am-9pm currently timelapse an image every 9 seconds about a 400mg file.


I have several times been asked by neighbors if I can look at a timestamp. They like to steal trailers around here and I pretty much record anything entering or leaving the neighborhood as my cameras looks past my car.

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