Wyze App - v.2.10.74 (Android) - No Playback

Since the update to 2.10.74, going to playback, and selecting a previous time no longer seems to work. This is affecting 5 of my cameras.

Just updated mine and checked … no prob here

Are yours possibly set to “Record events only”

Like what @myswtest said, what are your recording settings? Does the “local storage” page show a SD used/total size? While looking at playback, how long do you wait before exiting? Mine usually takes a few moments to populate with all green (continuous recording).

not sure what was up. i uninstalled the app. left the beta group. re-installed , was the same version… but then it worked fine. so… i dunno

My gut was thinking this issue was some type of network slowness. Glad its working again for ya now!