Hey love the cameras

Hey love the cameras. I’ve had a couple cameras now, in my opinion these are the best bang for your buck. I’ve had arlo Q and arlo pro 2, I also have a 400 Mbps internet connection with xfinity and the delay with arlo was like 6 seconds between phone app and in real time. Kasa TP-link delay wasn’t as bad, Maybe 1-2 second delay but their business practices are shoddy. And wifi cameras have a “cooling off” period where if someone goes into frame, then out, then back in the frame the camera wouldn’t record and you would essentially miss the part you actually needed to see.

The good: Enter Wyze cams. 24/7 CVR is huge. No subscriptions!! Everything is great with these cams, When watching/ conversating in real time the delay is like .5 seconds. Its probably the fastest i’ve seen with wifi cameras.

The bad: I’ve mentioned it in a message to wyze before, but I was compelled to come to this forum today to re-inform the wyze staff about something that isn’t a deal breaker, but it sucks. I’m also not sure this is a software fix. Its the playback sound. We’re selling our house and we have these throughout the house and we’re curious what the feedback is when people come through. So when you do playback you’re essentially smashing the phone up to your ear with the volume all the way up trying to hear what someone is saying. I think it may be more of a distance issue from the camera maybe? Perhaps in Version 4, lets get some upgraded microphone capabilities.

software greats and fixes: Its great being able to create camera groups and watch someone walk throughout the house and be able to track them from one camera to another all on one screen in real time. It would also be nice to playback a camera group from the SD cards and track someone through out the house. So you click your inside house group, then you would see camera group come up like normal. But then there would be a view playback button for your group and you can view your CVR for your group. Instead of switching individually for each camera. Also when you’re trying to navigate your CVR timestamp it is really not intuitive. Especially when you’re trying to get it down to seconds. For Example. I view one camera and I find what I was looking for, but I need to continue to another camera to watch something unfold, so I exit that playback. Now I open another camera and try to get it to the same time stamp as the first camera to continue. I read they were going to come out with a 30 second skip/ reverse button. I believe 15seconds would be better.

Anyway great camera, kept me from having to running ethernet + POE. Would gladly buy a version 4 cam, and sell/give these away.

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