V1 smart plug goes off-line

I have a light in my office plugged into a smart plug with a rule set to go ON and OFF at set times. It happens to be a version V1. The plug went OFFLINE while I was out of town, and consequently I could not reset it without being there.
I’ve heard that version V1 has a tendency to go OFFLINE and the new version V2 is less likely for that to happen.
Since finding that out, I have purchased a couple V2 plugs and will deploy them when I get home. Has anyone had experience with version V1 going OFFLINE and subsequently replaced it with V2 and had the recurring OFFLINE issue go away? Thanks in advance…tlhutch4

At one time all of the plugs had this issue. All of mine are quite reliable, at the moment, V1s andV2s.

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I have 12 Wyze Smart Plugs V2 deployed with another 6 in reserve awaiting a mission. (Bought them on sale in bulk when they were half price.)

I have yet to experience any offline issues with any of my V2 plugs.

The V1 plug has a well documented history of connectivity issues. That is why it got replaced by the V2 in 2021. I have never owned any. I did take delivery of 6, and the install was maddening. They went back quicker than they were delivered.

@SlabSlayer @WildBill
I thank you for your responses. I’m hopeful that my new V2’s will perform as expected without going OFFLINE……

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