V1 Cameras no longer rolling over recordings (and it's not the cards fault)

This is the 3rd time I’ve needed to review a video on one of my 2 V1 cameras and the recording not being available just hours afterwards because the cards don’t continuously record. I’ve reformatted the cards and I’ve switched the cards. Neither of these are long term solutions.

I find it highly unlikely that the the cards are the problem when I have this happening on two different cameras at the exact same time. These cameras are becoming very unreliable. I can’t tell when the issue started since I don’t always need to review the video but it has been at least since June '18. My V2 camera which is using the same model of card doesn’t have this issue.

Other than hand over more money for a newer generation camera I don’t see a viable solution that I can do myself that works. Is there a real solution that is coming via a software update?

Are your cameras up to date on firmware? I believe this was a bug early on but that it was since fixed via a firmware update. If not, consider contacting Support as this forum is mostly just users with recommendations.

I’m running the latest firmware available as well as the latest client app

I’m sorry about the SD card issue. When did you realize when it stopped working?Is it after a firmware upgrade, or when the SD card is getting full?

It happens after the card is almost full. There’s about .35 mb left