Local Recording broken since 12/26/19

Hey. I’ve had continuous recording enabled for a while since WYZE 12s is stupidly short. As of 22:40:00 CST on Dec. 26, 2019, all playback video says “…not present”. Great! You only find this stuff out when you really need it. The V2 has also needed to be hard reset (outlet unplug) as I’ve been finding it unresponsive. Going to format my card now I suppose.

Yes, app version 2.7.19 fixed major bugs but unfortunately introduced new bugs as well, one of them being SD card playback. It’s almost unusable on mine. Almost, because sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s frustrating.

I kind of expected this from problematic previous releases, which is why I kept the older version on another mobile device. I use that older version mainly for SD card playback.

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