Using modern Wyze cameras with TinyCam

I have three Wyze cameras all bought within the past month and all flashed with latest firmware:
Cam Pan V3
Video Doorbell Pro
Cam Floodlight

I’m considering trying these with TinyCam, but the TinyCam compatibility list only shows a few older Wyze cams. Anyone have any experience or luck using TinyCam with newer Wyze cams?

Hoping to find some workarounds for issues with the Wyze app that don’t appear to have ready solutions (stuff like the doorbell cam won’t work on webview so there is no clean way to get all of my cameras up on the screen at once).

Anybody have any general thoughts and opinions on using Wyze cams with TinyCam?

I use Tiny Cam Pro with: PanV1, V3, VDBv1, V3Pro and PanV3. The only cam incompatibility I know of right now is the OG cams, but the developer of TCP has stated on socials that an update to fix that is in the works.

The floodlight cam is a V3, so I would assume that works. Since TinyCam standard is free to download and use, there isn’t a risk to try it out.

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