Using Cameras Motion Sensor to trigger Alexa Routines

I purchased my first Wyze V2 camera to watch my pond. A KOI has vanished and I suspect a Blue heron is snacking on them. Eventually I want to use the motion sensor in the camera to trigger some actions if the Blue Heron shows up. So for initial testing I am trying to get Alexa to either receive notifications OR enable a motion trigger to start an alexa routine. My camera is showing up under devices/cameras. But if I look to add a routine “when this happens/choose a device” I do NOT see it . it tells me to add it by going to devices. when I go to devices, my camera is there. Suggestions?

Welcome to the forums! If you do not see that trigger,I do not believe it’s available. Here is a wishlist item where that trigger is being requested to add to Alexa.

Edit/ additionally, check out IFTTT, I know they have the “motion detected from #### camera” trigger.