Using cam for sleep study

I am trying to determine the best way to capture continuous footage of sleeping.
I have a 32gb card installed. I only want to record during sleep.

I noticed that if I have it set to “Continuous” it is always recording regardless whether i hit the record button or not ? Why is there even a record button in this mode ?

And if it is set to “continuous” it is constantly using up storage.
So would i need to reformat the card before starting the sleep session?

Or can i have it set to “Events Only” and hit the record button when I am ready ? would it film continuously if doing this or in 1 minute increments ? If it would film continuously in Event mode it sounds like this is the best option to manage storage, this way i would have 3 nights of storage.

Also would I want to set it to night vision “near” or leave it on auto ?

any other tips ?


Hmm, I think your best bet would be creating a rule where the camera turns on and off at certain times while in the continuous recording mode.


@Rareapple3 gave the best advice above.

An easy solution is to leave it on continuous recording and just set up a rule to turn the camera on and turn it off during certain hours.

From the home screen, select the plus sign
Choose Add Rule
Select Schedule
Choose a start time and end time when you want it to record every day
Add Action (at the bottom)
Select the camera
Select Turn on the camera and save it

Now it will only turn on camera and record during those times.

If sleep occurs at different times of the day, there is no way for the camera to know when a person is asleep or awake, so what you can do is set up a “Shortcut” to turn the camera on and one to turn it off. Then just remember to click the shortcut button when you go to bed, and click the off short cut when you wake up.

You could also get another device to use this way. For example, I have some contact sensors from Wyze and I have it turn on lights when the sensor is “open” and turn them off when it is “closed” and a person could instead set it to do the same thing with a camera. Turn on when you open the sensor and turn the camera off when you close it in the morning. Then it will only record during those times.


You’re right there in the room. The camera is inside and accessible. Just leave it continuously recording. Every day or two, copy the contents of the SD card to a computer. Filter and edit to your heart’s content. The SD storage will overwrite itself as needed.

I don’t think you need any kinds of rules or schedules. And agreed with the others that continuous and not motion based is the way to go.

You reminded me, I have a camera that monitors my baby’s sleep. I have SD card record continuous, but it I do like having Cam Plus recording all motion. I do sometimes go back and review all the motion events to get an idea of how good her sleep was. The fewer motion and sound events there were, the better she slept, and it will show me every time she moved or made a noise. In the context of a sleep study visual recording I could actually see a benefit to having it set to events only on the SD card. Then you could simply review the SD card data and see how many minutes had some kind of movement or sound in them and compare that to any other night and get an actual unbiased set of data measurements to use as an indication for how good the sleep was. I am almost thinking it would be better to do events only if it is for the purpose of determining how good the sleep was that night.

Unless a medical professional needs to view the entire sleep period or something like that. Anyway, just a thought I had that events only could be a good, unbiased data point.

Fair point, although it depends what the study is looking for. Snoring, apnea, and tracking REM states - none of that is going to be captured by motion recording.

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Is your SD card in your camera or is the SD card in your phone or tablet that you’re using the Wyze app on? If you have the SD card in your wise cam and your local storage settings set to continuous, there’s no more button pressing that you need to do for it to continuously record. From the live view or playback screen the record button that you see just below the camera view is a separate function called manual recording. When you click that record button it saves a clip for as long as that button is pressed to your device, your phone or tablet. If you have the camera settings set to continuous recording it does use up the SD card in the camera itself, but it’s on a loop recording and after a few days it overwrites the oldest file.

First off, Wyze forum never alerted me of all these replies.

Thanks for all the replies !

I figured the best way for me to use it is just turn the sdcard off “Record to MicroSD card” and when i need to start recording turn it back on. This will give me 3 days til i have to take the card out and back it up.

Would be extremely helpful if i did not have to remove the sd card to backup data.

I found the best way to review data is to load Wyze app on PC using Bluestacks. it works great and Wyze is perfect for manipulating the timeline.

does not work. hours vary. thanks tho.

need every second to overlay with Pulse ox, rem states, deep sleep states, and other data and to visually see nuances occurring with body during sleep


You could also get a bigger card.

I have heard more than once of larger cards failing. I need reliability. I will archive on larger cards for reviewing through the app tho.

If you’re going to get a bigger card don’t cheap out. Lot of times the cheaper higher capacity cards are the ones that fail.


Guys bumping this thread, Im a cpap user which is a machine that gives me pressurized air because I’m a sleep apnea sufferer, i also want to record me sleeping continuously (without motion detection mode), i want the camera to record at least 12 hours in a sd card, i need the synchronize the video time to my cpap machine which is also recording sleep data into a sd card, so if i have a apnea event at 3 am i can see it in the cpap data software AND in the video of the wyze camera, so the video must record the night time precise moment in which a apnea event occurred.

Which wyze camera model will be the best for my needs? Thanks in advance

Edit: the feature mentioned earlier in this thread of setting up the camera to record ONLY from 10 pm to 10 am, would be nice too☝🏻

Bump. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance