Card in camera v3

For people that have cards in their camera v3, do most have them set to records events or continuous?

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Depends on every person needs but I have them set to do continuous recording . So I can review footage of the last days , view events before , during , and after , and Just having more footage to be able to scrub

Events will only record when the camera gets triggered by an event you set it to record like motion or sound etc .


I have mine set to continuous. I used to set them to Events Only, but found it was better to set continuous as you can go back through time and see anything that has happened or missed.


Here is why I set mine to continuous (95% of the time):

I primarily use cam plus, and events are recorded based on my sensitivity settings. While I usually have sensitivity set to 100%, not all of my cameras are set that way, and even the ones that are set that way don’t always record everything I want them to. For example, if there is a person across the street in the background a ways, they may not use enough pixels to trigger an “event” or maybe I am using a detection zone so that events are only recorded when someone enters my property.

In the above situation, if someone robs my neighbors house, my camera would not record it because either there weren’t enough pixels to trigger an event, or my detection zone told the camera not to record it. But if was recording on continuous mode, I can go look at that time frame anyway and see the video on the SD card and let my neighbor know what kind of car the thieves used, how many of them, maybe how they were dressed or various other things. If there is an accident in the road, I can pull that up. There are countless examples of where this becomes extremely useful.

In addition, if an event only starts to record something as soon as there is enough motion in the detection area, I might miss something that happened right before the event that might be useful to see. In these situations I can go to the SD card playback and rewind to just before the event started and view what happened a little bit before.

Even for those without Cam Plus, you will still have Cam Plus Lite videos to give you an idea of when an event happened, and then you can go to playback to view the rest of the event before and after for as long as you want without the 12 second limit.

The benefit of setting the SD card to record events only is that it is easy to find and view just the areas where there is motion. This is useful on a camera where there is rarely any motion. Then it will be really easy to go find those few times. Also, the SD card events will record a full minute at a time, so if something starts having motion at 50 seconds into the minute, the entire previous 50 seconds will also be recorded because it records the entire 1 minute block of any 1 minute period that had sufficient motion within that minute. This makes it so you often still see enough of what happened just before the events starts and makes it easy to find the events and know how long they last. Events only also makes it so sometimes you can store recordings for a long time before they’re erased off your cam. With continuous recording, the SD card will use up about 9-12GiB per 24 hours of recording in HD. So if you have a small card, sometimes doing events only makes it go a lot further. A 32 GB card will only have the last 3 days (give or take a day) on continuous recording in HD…but on events only setting it might store several days or weeks worth of recordings.

The choice is more of a preference and you may want continuous on certain cams and events only on other cams. It partially depends on your needs.


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All of my SD cards are set to continuous record as a backup record to my CamPlus Events.

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All of mine are continuous.


Hey @K6CCC

Did you find any difference between the two in connectivity & fluidity of display when ‘scrubbing’ (browsing) around footage?

This assuming you tested Events mode which I expect you did. :slight_smile:

No, I have always run continuous recording to the uSD cards in all the cameras.

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Is your experience scrubbing around in Continuous generally fluid and responsive with strong connectivity?

Mine in Events is sporadic but there are potentially all kinds of reasons for that aside from the two modes.

I fairly often do this to ‘jog’ connectivity when scrubbing at length:

Access Android ‘Recents’ control (eg, swipe up from bottom screen border) and leisurely-tap the square twice - once to shrink the app window, and again to restore.


Works in Wyze app to quickly force as many cams as are displayed to 3-step authenticate/reload. Useful when one or more have errored-out or otherwise stalled.

Continuous here, the events tab are easier to look through, but if it missed something I can manually scrub through the continuous recording


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Events only.