Recording start time when triggered

I have several V3 cameras pointing outside to record various activities. To minimize the number of times triggered I have reduced the zone detection area to ignore cars on the street for example. Unfortunately the recording only starts when triggered. I would also like the recording to include the previous 5 seconds (or so) before the object enters the section zone. I’m hoping a small software tweak could include the additional time frame. I’ve never wanted the last 5 seconds. All my cameras have micro memory cards, so the data could come from there if necessary.

Are you looking at Events, or the uSD card? If you have the cameras set to record continuously, and are looking at the Events tab, at the bottom of the screen is a “button” that sort of looks like a SD card that is labeled “Playback”. If you select that, the app will take you to the same time as the event, but viewing the playback from the uSD card. If you are continuously recording to the uSD card, you can not scroll however far back that you want. If you have the camera set to only record events onto the uSD card, the camera will record the entire minute where the event occurred. Depending on where in the minute the event is, you may get almost an entire minute or you may get almost zero, or most likely somewhere in between.


Nope nothing there,the camers work best when the car,etc .ove across the camera, not straight in,try your senses at 55

@K6CCC has the answer. @kae4560 is talking about another camera, the Wyze Outdoor Camera.

Events should normally show you a few seconds in advance of the action on a V3. However, if you have SD cards, you can easily press the Playback button on the event like @K6CCC said and see whatever you want in front or after the Event.

I prefer Continuous SD recording to maximize what you can see. :slight_smile:


That worked perfectly, thank you. I didn’t know about utilizing playback on an event to manage what I wanted to save and save to album as a modified event.