Always on recording, but no events?

So I was just getting in and checking events on my cameras (which I never do). I have 4 external cameras and 6 internal. The one set to only record events, shows events. The one set to record all the time, doesnt pop up in events at all.
I would love to be able to still see and thus watch ONLY the events it sees vs having to scrub the entire time. Is this possible? Seems obvious… Am I missing something?

the one on continuous recording will not have events. are hoping to only have it record events but don’t like that they only last 12 seconds? I guess I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve exactly.

for the continuous recording there is a wish list topic for flagging events on the timeline, it sounds like thats what you’re looking for with the continuous recording.

More or less , yes… I just want to be notified that an event has taken place. so I can go back and look at it. Right now, I can go in to a non continous cam and just see events… continuous you cant. there is no notification that motion has taken place at all.

yup. that was designed that way. I use the record on event only partially for that reason. I understand using continuous for a place where there is constant motion but it just isn’t for me.

I didnt like the limit posed by the event clip and that’s the main reason I do use an sd card with the event only recording. you get all the motion that’s taken place and you use the event recording to find where it was on the SD card ( with has now been replaced with the ability to just to that spot on the sd card from the clip you are viewing)

your best bet would be to switch to event only recording, or put an motion sensor next to the camera ( if thats feasible for the location)