Using a v2 to a new location

Ok I will. It must be the special characters of these downloaded keyboards not compatible with the app?

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Could be, I’m not sure. If you use the standard US keyboard and it works, please report back. I’ll then download the International version and to check for problems and see if it’s an Apple issue or a Wyze issue.

Sounds interesting. It’ll be a couple of days. Let’s find out. Thanks.

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Make sure your phone is connected to the new WiFi (it will need to be anyway). When you are setting up a Wyze camera, it should default to whatever the phone is currently connected to.

Hi K6CCC, yes, my phone is connected to the correct wifi. Thanks.

Hi Seapup, good news, using the English (US) keyboard, the old network name flashed on the screen for less than one second and was gone and I was able to type in the new network name.

The connection was a cinch.

Thanks so much, who would have known it was a keyboard issue. Without your insight, I would eventually have to give up. :+1:


I don’t understand why would the keyboard interfere with the connection of a cam in any way, I don’t remember there was any typing involved.

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There must be a bug that prevents that particular keyboard version from popping up to allow text input under some scenarios. Just need to determine if it’s a bug with the international keyboard or the Wyze app so I can report it. Do you recall how/where you got your international keyboard? Did you choose one of the preinstalled options at: iOS Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > select new keyboard from list? Or did you download and install an alternative from the Apple App Store?

Thank you very much for responding back and really great to hear your cams are back online. :+1:

When you’re so old that you remember when computers used to be the size of a single-family house… you collect and remember an awful lot of solutions to obscure problems. :wink:

I will try to remember how I got the keyboards, I downloaded these keyboards when I first got my phone a few years ago. I hope I wrote it down somewhere. I will write back soon.

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This is the notes that I wrote down: settings/general/keyboard/keyboards/add new keyboards

But strange thing is after checking on the keyboards that are on my iphone, I found out that I don’t even have the English (international) keyboard on my iphone, the reason that I thought I was using it was I could use the accents on the “e” “o”… etc 5 vowels and there is ever a need to switch to the French keyboard, and that is what the English (international) keyboard does. My macbook air has the English (international) keyboard, but the keyboard name on my macbook air is " :us: US, international - PC "

Before setting up the v2, I clicked on the keyboard switch several times until the keyboard didn’t give me the vowel accent options anymore, I thought it must be the English (US) keyboard, and the switch made the v2 setup successful. Another strange thing is there are 2 English (US) keyboards on my iphone, maybe one of them is in fact an international version. I’m confused. I’m attaching the screenshot of the keyboards that are on my iphone below, maybe you can figure it out? Please let me know if you have any questions.

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I do remember that I picked the English (international) keyboard to download on my iphone, maybe one of the iphone version updates changed it in some way?

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I’m still trying to figure out why you needed to type an SSID at all. Whenever I add a device (well over 100 times - mostly on Android), whatever WiFi the phone is connected to, automatically is filled in as the top entry in the SSID dropdown on the page where you select the WiFi. I have NEVER needed to type an SSID or a password. Just tried it again on both phones, and in both cases, the WiFi that my phone was connected to defaulted to the top of the list in the dropdown.

Could it be because the v2 was deleted, so an SSID was needed to add it back on?

The 1st wifi network name was on the phone but it quickly disappeared before the window showed up for me to enter the new network name. There was no drop down, the 1st name was not presented like it was 2 days ago that I couldn’t get rid of it, like I said earlier that it flashed on the screen before it went away really quickly I wouldn’t even see it if I blinked.

I will disconnect or delete it one more time and redo the setup a little later. Maybe not today and I will do screenshots step by step.

I can’t delete the v2 as it turns out, because it took me a very long time of trial and error last night to align it to the best possible position, and after several hours of being taped with Command tapes, it is even better now, I guess there must be some movements given out by the tapes. Please let me know if you need more info regarding this v2.

I might need to bring my wyze outdoor cam here in the future, when that happens I will write again.

Thank you so much, Wyze Forum is indispensable for Wyze users…


You’re probably correct. I checked all of my iPads and iPhones (back to iPhone 4s running iOS 9) and can’t find an English (International) keyboard from Apple. Everything I’ve seen as an English keyboard alternative to US version has been English (Country). I think there was an English (International) keyboard at one time. Maybe Apple thought it was redundant and removed it as it’s easy to switch now with the globe icon on the keyboard and just about every English alternative is preloaded on the phone.