Using 2 Wyze Sense V2 in kitchen to make sure lights stay on

Im using Wyze Bulbs(x3) in my kitchen and have them grouped, and was trying to use 1 Wyze Sense V2 as motion detection to turn them on. This alone works, but the sensor on one wall seems to time out while im at the sink(other side of a small kitchen) for too long. The idea was the use 1 sensor on each side so motion would ideally be captured at all times while in the kitchen but i cant seem to link the sensors? Even when grouping the sense V2 they cant be used as a trigger together…am i just being an idiot? Does someone have a good way to accomplish this?

If I understand correctly, you’re trying to create a rule that turns your kitchen lights on if one of two V2 motion sensors senses motion.

Have you tried creating a duplicate rule with the 3 bulbs (that worked with just one sensor) with only the other sensor as the trigger (the one hat times out)?

I had a similar problem, but ended up going a step backwards in tech in our kitchen.
This is for a single pole motion wall switch replacement, not sure if they make it in 3-way ?
The wall plate for it is sold separately…

The 3 bulbs are grouped, and it seemed when i duplicated the rules for the 2nd sensor they almost fought each other and cancelled out. This was probably user error somewhere

All 3 bulbs are on the same circuit, 2 way light switches but id like not to expand into lutron.

I’d still like to have the option to group motion sensors as the trigger device instead of the action device, but for this short amount of test time, it seems putting the sensor on the other wall has worked out better. My kitchen by no means spans the length of the sensors claimed ability so i would assume any wall in the small square would work…guess not